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Jira Service Desk Team
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The Jira Service Desk team are known for strong social connections: sharing meals in the office "living room", next to the wall of everyone's baby photos, and surrounded by life-size cardboard cutouts of their first fully remote team. Just as they began a rapid expansion in Bengaluru, COVID-19 hit, travel stopped, and... hiring continued, in a fully remote world.

Our five panellists are: Avi, a remote-by-choice developer from our first fully remote Australian team; Andie and Alex, two remote-since-COVID Sydney-based team members- one loves, and the other loathes remote; Saraswati, a remotely-hired team lead who built a whole remote team during COVID-19, and Puneet, a remotely-hired Bengaluru team member who has jumped into building our new remote social experience.