Steve Wood
Full Name
Steve Wood
Job Title
VP of Product, Developer Platform
Speaker bio
Steve Wood is the VP of Developer Platform at Slack. With the ultimate goal of making teams more efficient and effective, Steve oversees Platform strategy and execution.
Steve drives the continued success of the Slack Platform, which offers integrations with more than 2,300 enterprise software tools. This not only increases the value of customers’ software investment, but helps them get work done. Steve is also focused on enhancing the Slack Platform’s developer capabilities, enabling 820k+ developers to bring more event driven experiences into Slack.
With a clear vision for Slack’s no-code Workflow Builder product, Steve seeks to empower non-technical users to reap the productivity benefits of automation and workflows - providing everyday users with the simple tools they need to become builders.
Previously, Steve was Chief Product Officer of Dell Boomi where he spearheaded the company’s cloud and low-code development tools following the acquisition of ManyWho, which he co-founded. His previous venture, Informavores, streamlined customer service processes and was acquired by Salesforce in 2009.
Steve is a published author and holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering Chemistry from Queen’s University at Kingston.