Keynote sessions

April 1 - On-Demand at 8:30 AM PDT
Unleash the Potential of All Teams
Unifying work
Scott Farquhar, Atlassian
Kelly Drozd, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Hear from Scott Farquhar, Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO, and Kelly Drozd, agile delivery manager at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on ways to unify work across remote and global teams, and how Atlassian helps this work move forward, faster.

Change faster when Dev and IT change together
Sean Regan, Atlassian
Amita Abraham, Atlassian

Learn how Atlassian brings IT and Software teams together to work as one. Get a first-hand look at new capabilities that power automation and connect services all the way from code to change management and incident response. By running on a common platform, you’ll see what’s possible for modern teams building and running digital products and services in any industry.

Unify work across all teams with Atlassian
Raj Sarkar, Atlassian

Teamwork is hard in the modern era with the proliferation of new tools and technologies, and a diversified workforce with myriad expectations. Learn how organizations of all kinds use Atlassian’s tools to increase productivity and bring delight to the workplace.

April 2 - On-Demand at 8:30 AM PDT
Business Transformation
Accelerating business transformation
Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian
Sasan Goodarzi, Board Member

Hear from Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO, and Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO on how cloud is a critical catalyst in every organization’s business transformation journey.

Atlassian Enterprise Cloud: Scaling the future of cloud
Anu Bharadwaj, Atlassian

Hear from Anu Bharadwaj, head of product at Atlassian, on how we’re building ahead of your needs so that all enterprises can scale Atlassian Cloud confidently across their organizations. You’ll also hear about our latest product and ecosystem innovations that are helping teams work better together whether they’re already in or soon migrating to Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian Data Center: Building for change and scale
Alison Huselid, Atlassian
Junie Dinda, Atlassian

Hear about the new features that Atlassian is bringing to Server, Data Center, and Jira Align and how our solutions will support digital transformation in your organizations. Learn about the investments Atlassian is making to enable your teams, applications, and infrastructure to scale.


Q&A with Atlassians

APRIL 1 - 11:30-1:00 PM PDT

Join a live chat around these focused topics and get your biggest questions answered by the Atlassian team.

April 1, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn how to quickly respond to change while delivering customer delight, develop visual plans, and deliver at scale.

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April 1, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

See how teams and organizations of all types and sizes keep everyone on the same page. Get tips on project management, knowledge sharing and more.

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April 1, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Get best practices for IT service management and IT Ops teams. See how you can continuously iterate, keep pace with change, and deliver services faster with confidence.

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Modern Development & DevOps
April 1, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Chat about all-things DevOps, Cloud Native CI/CD, automation, and how to bring software from idea to production faster and with better results.

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Atlassian Team Playbook
April 1, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Learn about self-guided workshops (called Plays) that uncover team blindspots, improve processes, and start important conversations for the future.

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Change Management
April 1, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Change is inevitable. Discuss how to rally your teams together and move forward when changes in workflows, tools, and practices take place.

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Cloud Migrations
April 1, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Discuss how migrating to Atlassian cloud can increase your team's agility and speed to market, improve your team’s productivity, and help future-proof your tools.

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Remote Work
April 1, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

High-performing teams are the ones with the strongest bonds. See how to form and maintain connections with tips from our very own remote experts.

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April 1, 2020, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Learn how to quickly respond to change while delivering customer delight, develop visual plans, and deliver at scale.

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April 1, 2020, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

See how teams and organizations of all types and sizes keep everyone on the same page. Get tips on project management, knowledge sharing and more.

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April 1, 2020, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Get best practices for IT service management and IT Ops teams. See how you can continuously iterate, keep pace with change, and deliver services faster with confidence.

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Modern Development & DevOps
April 1, 2020, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Chat about all-things DevOps, Cloud Native CI/CD, automation, and how to bring software from idea to production faster and with better results.

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APRIL 2 - 11:30-12:00 PM PDT

Join a live chat with viewers from your industry and get questions answered by the Atlassian team and Technical Account Managers.

Automotive Industry
April 2, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn how teams track processes and maintain governance beyond the lifetime of products in an information and process-rich industry.

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Financial Services Industry
April 2, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Chat about the challenges that come with security, data protection, and locality involved in financial institutions.

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Government and Public Sector Industries
April 2, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

See how to modernize your institutions with a focus on data retention, security, and cloud.

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Healthcare, Biotech, and Pharma Industries
April 2, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Discuss ways to navigate complex compliance requirements, and how to manage processes, data retention, and protection.

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Breakout sessions

Watch these breakout sessions at any time during the virtual event.

A journey to scalability for non-technical teams
Veena Bhatia, Atlassian, Inc.

Atlassian's Stock Admin team of three people was supporting 4,000 employees in 11 countries, and needed to scale processes without adding headcount.

Learn why how they replaced spreadsheets and emails with a powerful combo of Jira Core, Trello, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence—and how you can do the same.

Amplifying collaboration: How ESL Gaming customized Jira to connect teams across the globe
Thomas Brill, ESL Gaming GmbH Samsoor Hemat, venITure

Gaming is the fastest growing sport in the world and their live events attract millions of fans. Behind these cross-functional, high-stakes programs is ESL Gaming.

See how they partnered with venITure to implement and extend Jira for seamless event planning—standardizing 600+ employees across 15 offices on one tool.

Best-of-Breed DevOps: How modern teams build their toolchains
Megan Schumann, Atlassian Zak Islam, Atlassian Peter Mai, Slack Sam Azouzi, Datadog Drew Horn, Sumo Logic

Join Atlassian's senior engineers and Partners to discuss new practices, learnings, and pitfalls when it comes to embracing DevOps. Hear how each company is innovating and making DevOps more integral to their products, learn ways to stay connected across workflows, and how automation can change the game.

Beyond being there: High performing distributed teams
Chris Kimbell, Atlassian

Do teams need to be physically in the same place to perform? How do you do remote at scale? What can go wrong?

Join Chris Kimbell on his journey of managing his team remotely, the lessons learned motivating, and developing a high-performing teams across oceans, and the competitive advantage of mastering remote work.

Busted! 10 myths about moving to Atlassian cloud
Maren Hotvedt, Atlassian

There's a lot of buzz about moving to cloud. What's real and what's hype? How do you dispel the fears and doubts about making such a big transition?

Come and debunk the 10 biggest misconceptions and myths about moving to our cloud products from server, and gain insights from real customers who've made the switch.

Cloud Ecosystem: Your Atlassian cloud, your way
Martin Suntinger, Atlassian Tim Pettersen, Atlassian

Discover how Atlassian is building a cloud platform to help you extend, integrate, and customize your Atlassian cloud products. Hear more about our new cloud app development platform Forge, and how it's changing the game for developers wanting to extend the capabilities of our tools.

Elite teams run on full tanks. How full is yours?
Molly Hellerman, Atlassian

Pro athletes, Nobel Prize winners, and FBI negotiators know how to make their teams run on full tanks. Do you?

Everyone's emotional tank fuels our performance and drives us to improve. Discover proven hacks, research, and insights that help fill your team’s tanks, make them better teammates, and achieve your goals.

Everything you learned about CI/CD is wrong
Antonia Verdi, Atlassian Ian Buchanan, Atlassian

Nearly every software team has a CI server, but not every team knows how to unlock its power. Deep dive into the conceptual underpinnings of CI/CD, and key practices around detection, delivery, and communication. Nail the fundamentals and learn more about this critical aspect of modern software development.

From dream to (augmented) reality: PTC's best practices from the IKEA Place story
Jefferson Raulino Scomacao, PTC Andy Barker, PTC

IKEA now lets customers to "try" furniture before they buy via augmented reality.

Join the team behind this project and learn how they managed the project from conception to release, all while working in an agile environment with external teams. Explore new frontiers using Trello, best practices, and lessons learned.

How Cerner uses Portfolio for Jira to keep project managers happy
Anja Peyfuss, Cerner

See how Cerner implemented Portfolio for Jira Data Center in a company made up of thousands of teams with their own unique agile practices.

Learn about their strategies and practices to ensure each project manager and team can seamlessly plan and track the progress of their most important work.

How three-dimensional technology transformation can digitize 160 years of history
Yasha Dabas, Standard Chartered Bank

When you think “DevOps”, you probably don’t picture 160-year-old bank. See how Standard Chartered Bank improved their practices, processes, and culture by applying agile delivery techniques to create their first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and how they built an automated pipeline for their "concept to cash" journey.

How to build a meaningful career (and life) with design thinking
Oliver de Wiecek, Sqr One

How do we avoid resentment and powerlessness when work isn’t getting easier there are no signs of slowing down? Without the right mindset, this fast-paced world can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Learn how to cultivate a toolkit that helps you design a life, team, and work environment with purpose and meaning.

How to clean up your Atlassian suite (without losing your damn mind)
Alex Christensen, AppDynamics

Many admins inherit messy instances. You're left with figuring out how the instances work, and tidying them up to maintain good "Atlassian hygiene".

See how AppDynamics cleaned their messy instances and keep them gleaming like new. Get new ideas for improving your Atlassian suite for end-users and admins alike.

How to plot a journey from Data Center to Cloud with 10,000 users along for the ride
Tom Wylie, Arm Phill Fox, Adaptavist

Discover how semi-conductor maker Arm moved a heavily customized Data Center Deployment to Cloud while supporting 10,000+ users worldwide.

See how they identified obstacles and which path to take, their set-backs and victories, and how they determined Jira Cloud would be one of the many destinations along the way.

How to spot if you're a Richard
Colin Ellis, Colin D Ellis PTY Ltd

Self-aware, emotionally intelligent people make great teammates. But what if you’re a “Richard” instead? What if you talk over others, get distracted, hold people back, and don't even realize it?

Learn to identify if you're a Richard, and see what you can do about it—for success at work in life.

If you’re not disrupting from within, you’ll be disrupted from without
Jonathan Restarick Restarick, Accenture

The fourth industrial revolution has epic implications and disrupts industries, business models, organizations, and even the nature of 'work' itself.

The result is disrupt or be disrupted. Learn how your organization can prepare for and embrace this disruption sustainably and ensure you don’t fall behind.

Lessons learned and an inside look into incident management at Atlassian
Jim Severino, Atlassian

Incidents are a fact of life. The difference between good and great companies is in how you respond and recover from unexpected outages. Learn how Atlassian does it and how we use blameless postmortems to ensure they don't happen again. We'll explain why it works, and share some hard-earned lessons from the trenches.

See it, believe it: How to stop remote work from happening in the shadows
Leah Ryder, Atlassian

Remote teams struggle with visibility. Isolation from company culture, lack of face time with leadership, and more can impact professional opportunities.

Enter, the Visibility Framework, a set of three practical pillars you can implement to help your remote team feel more productive, valued, and successful every day.

There's more than one way to innovate at scale
Mike Tria, Atlassian

Innovation often follows a formula: Set a narrow goal, assemble a knowledgeable team, and resource it appropriately.

See why Atlassian threw that out the window. Learn about the staggering results that came from it, ways they broke the rules successfully, and practical advice to implement in your own organizations.

The unified theory of everything people: Building a workforce for 2030
Kim Seeling Smith, Ignite Global

Gone are the days where managers demanded compliance and employees did manual work. Times have changed, but approaches to hiring and developing talent haven’t.

This workshop will help all leaders from all levels walk away with practical tools they can use to navigate today’s globalized, empowered workforce.

Too big to fail: scaling systems the smart way at Splunk
Greg Warner, Splunk

Rapid growth is great until scaling challenges start happening daily. Splunk solved this by switching to Data Center.

Uncover the critical configuration, deployment techniques, and the infrastructure and application performance monitoring that helped them scale. Learn what to test, automate, and measure for success.

What's new in Opsgenie, Statuspage, Jira Service Desk
Darren Henry, Atlassian Ravi Tharisayi, Atlassian

Software has changed the way we work, and no one has had to adapt faster than IT teams to accelerate both delivery and support. In this session, learn about the new developments across Atlassian’s cloud products to reimagine IT service management and operations for the next decade of heightened business expectations.


Product Demo sessions

Watch these product demos at any time during the virtual event.

Access for your Enterprise Cloud
Yiting Jin, Atlassian

Atlassian Access brings enterprise-grade user management and security to your Atlassian cloud products. Learn how Access can help you streamline user onboarding experience, enforce and enhance security policies, and increase control and visibility over your organization.

Certification: You can do it. Here’s how.
Joanna Thurmann, Atlassian

Join Joanna Thurman, Atlassian Certification team member, for an insider take on how to go from zero to certified using Atlassian University courses and resources.

Create cloud apps in minutes with Forge UI
Kang-Wei Chan, Atlassian Huw Evans, Atlassian

UI extensibility is crucial to Atlassian's ecosystem story, but traditionally, you had to use your own code running directly in an extension point on server, or in an iframe on cloud. Introducing Forge UI: a declarative language for building native, flexible, and trusted UI interfaces for apps.

Jira Align OKRs: Achieving perfect alignment in an imperfect world
Kyle Byrd, Atlassian

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a framework that keeps teams across the organization aligned. It enables distributed decision making and strategic alignment, without having to micro-manage every team. Come see how Jira Align fully supports the use of your OKRs to track objectives and measure against key results.

Make DevOps delightful with Forge
Michael Ventnor, Atlassian Simon Kubica, Atlassian

Michael Ventnor and Simon Kubica demo key features of the Forge developer toolchain. Learn Forge’s logging and tunneling features, see how environment types affect debugging, and get expert tips for troubleshooting issues in Forge apps. Plus, see how Forge works with Bitbucket Pipelines to make safe deployments easy.

Portfolio for Jira 3.0 and beyond
Rhys Christian, Atlassian

Whether you’re in charge of building and maintaining your team’s roadmap or you want visibility into how work is tracking across projects and teams, Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center has something for you. See what’s new since our last platform release and get a sneak peek into what's in store for the future.

Security at scale: Investments in user management for Data Center
Brian Keough, Atlassian

Take a look at investments Atlassian is making in Data Center to ensure flexible and easier authentication. From support for OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, to using multiple IdPs – we’re shipping features that optimize the admin and user’s experience.

Simplify cloud provisioning and resource management with AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Desk
MaSonya Scott, Amazon Web Services Brian Terry, Amazon Web Services

Organizations want better developer and business user velocity while mitigating security risks. With automated provisioning, it’s possible. Learn how to provision AWS resources from Jira Service Desk leveraging the AWS Service Management Connector and provide the right services to the right teams via self-service.

Supercharging Confluence Cloud for your entire organization
Daniel Ayele, Atlassian

Looking for new ways to get teams across your entire organization using Confluence? Look no further! We’ll demonstrate the latest features in Confluence and share our product roadmap to get your team on the same page, move work forward, and collaborate smarter.

Teamwork, Trello-style: Essential Trello boards to build better team productivity
Jessica Webb, Atlassian

From project management to your next weekly meeting, level up your team productivity with Trello. Use this session to walk through the most popular workflows that help teams of all sizes work better, together.

What’s new in Jira Software Cloud
Erika Sa, Atlassian

Join Jira Software's Senior Product Manager Erika Sa to learn about new and improved features in Jira Software Cloud, and what’s in store for 2020.