Session types at Team ’24


Company and product vision, including the biggest announcements from Atlassian executive leadership. Also includes sessions with our most popular and featured external thought leaders.

Super Session

A 45-minute deep dive into the latest product innovations with Atlassian product leaders and customers.

These sessions will delve into how a process, Atlassian product, or system was used to achieve a goal or resolve an issue. This could include anything from customer case studies and panels to product overviews.
Learning Session
Join the Atlassian University team for a wide range of 45-minute sessions including demos, Q&As, tips, and best practices to get you going.
Theater session
These 15-minute bite-sized sessions will be hosted on our expo floor in an open theater style presentation.
Sponsor spotlight Session

These 45-minute sessions will be presented by one of our sponsors in an open theater on the expo floor. Sessions will range from demos to Q&As and other engaging presentations.

These 45-minute long sessions will be hosted by a group of speakers as they dive into a specific topic, product, or solution. This interactive session is designed to present diverse perspectives, exchange ideas, and spark meaningful insights and conversations.