Join the DEV-olution: A culture of empowered developers

Engineering leaders say their organizations struggle with productivity, collaboration, and tracking progress against goals. Some try to fix it by adding more dashboards, making strict rules, and asking for more reports. But just doing more doesn't solve the real issues developers face.

Let’s build a culture that empowers developers to do the right things and starts a dev-olution. Join Sven and hear how empowered teams build trustful relationships, work asynchronously and synchronously, use data smartly, care about outcomes, stay curious, and always try new things. More importantly, you will learn how to establish such a culture evolutionarily.

Empowering your engineers will amplify developer joy and supercharge your development effectiveness.

Key takeaways:

  • Empowering developers is the key to effectiveness
  • Changing the way we work needs to be an evolution (not a transformation)


Developer experience
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Atlassian Analytics, Compass, Confluence, , Loom
Intended Audience
Power User, Technical User, Non-technical User, VP/Director, C-Level Executive
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