Collaborate better than ever with Atlas

Have you ever been part of a large cross-functional project that has gone off track? Do you ever get lost working across multiple tools, unsure where to go to find things?

The workplace is becoming ever more chaotic with the number and complexity of the contexts you have to work in scattered across multiple tools and teams. It can be hard to find and prioritise your work and it’s even harder to connect the dots between the work, the goals it contributes towards and the teams doing the work.

Join this session if you want to find the signal amidst the noise and collaborate better than ever.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Deep dive into the challenges of collaboration in modern work.
  • Learn about our new cross-product collaboration experiences.
  • Gain insights on what makes for healthy and effective collaboration.
Cross-functional collaboration
Products & solutions
Confluence, , Jira Cloud Enterprise
Intended Audience
Technical User, Non-technical User, VP/Director
Deployment Method