Cindy Parker
Over the past decade, Cindy has been key in helping organisations transform their ways of working at scale and migrate to the cloud.
She is currently the Atlassian Platform Owner at Macquarie Group (Macquarie), a diversified international financial services provider operating in 34 markets, and oversees product operations and strategy for the Atlassian tooling.
Over the past 8 months, her focus has been on migrating Macquarie's entire Atlassian stack to the cloud whilst also incorporating streamlined processes, ensuring enterprise alignment.
Prior to Macquarie, Cindy was the Product Owner for the Atlassian tools at Australia's largest bank, where she led what was at the time the world's largest migration of Jira to cloud. She is a passionate advocate for women in tech, mentoring and leading initiatives to inspire women in the industry.

Cindy's Sessions