Jamil Valliani
Jamil is a 20 year veteran of the Search and AI industry based in Seattle. As Head of Product for Atlassian Intelligence, he is focused on delivering transformative ways for teams to work using the power of Search and AI.
Prior to Atlassian, Jamil built his career at Microsoft. He spent over 15 years leading product teams such as Bing Image Search and Video search, which were amongst the first to leverage computer vision and other deep learning techniques to deliver industry-leading multimedia search experiences. He also led a 3 year effort that landed many new AI features other Microsoft products including Outlook, Teams,  Windows and Surface. He also founded Microsoft's Services Marketplace business.
Outside of work, he is passionate about youth development, and has served in leadership roles with organizations focused on providing education, sports and service opportunities to young people around the US.

Jamil's Sessions