Teresa Tung
Teresa Tung is the Cloud First Chief Technologist who leads the incubation and scaling of breakthrough technologies that are the future of cloud. Her current interests include edge, datamesh, digital twins, and robotics. She brings strategic expertise in helping our clients bring in first of its kind new technology capabilities to create a differentiated digital foundation.Teresa regularly speaks at industry wide conferences like Strata and IoT Solutions World Congress on topics like AI, Digital Twin, DataOps and ModelOps, and Innovation.Teresa leads her team in bringing together the best-of-breed next-generation cloud architecture solutions from industry, start-ups and academia to build Cloud First's capability and assets byworking with pioneering pilot projects.Teresa is Accenture's most prolific inventor with over 225 patents filings and applications and has received Invention of the Year award in FY19. Teresa has had several leadership roles in her career with Accenture. In previous roles, she led Accenture Labs research and development activities for Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things and APIs, creating a wide range of key assets that are still in use across Accenture and with clients today.Teresa holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Teresa's Sessions