Business transformation
What happened when we turned customers into design partners

In the midst of building a new Jira product to help business teams manage their work, the world shifted to remote work and we found ourselves suddenly living our QA environment firsthand. We experienced the pains of asynchronous teamwork, navigated vastly different timezones, and sought after a new way to connect — right alongside our customers. So, we decided to lean into this situation and worked with customers to build the product before we wrote a single line of code. In this session, I’ll reveal the lessons that 2020 taught us about building a product with customers, instead of simply for them. You’ll learn:

  • The customer feedback framework that helped our organization make faster and more informed product decisions
  • How to solicit and interpret both internal and external customer feedback for transformational changes in your work
  • Why pivoting the traditional Triad structure into a Quad helped bring new perspectives front-and-center
  • Ways that internal Atlassian teams and customers are already using the new Jira product that was built through this process
Jira Core, Jira Software