Managing Complex Projects with Jira Cloud

With convenient Agile boards and easy configurability, it’s no surprise that Jira is the #1 software tool among Agile teams. But if you’re running complex projects with multiple workstreams and teams, Jira’s standard features may not give you the visibility you need. Structure for Jira and Structure.Gantt can help you overcome that challenge.

In this demo, we’ll show how Structure — one of the most popular apps on the Atlassian Marketplace — lets project managers arrange Jira information in any way they’d like. We’ll also demonstrate project planning with dependency and resource management using Structure.Gantt.

Together, these solutions help you:

  • Easily plan and track progress across multiple projects and teams
  • Manage dependencies between the teams’ tasks
  • Quickly organize and triage long and complex backlogs
  • Create high-level roadmaps for initiatives
  • Orchestrate projects with strict schedules and multiple dependencies

See the power of Structure for yourself in this brief demo.

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