Evolving Role of the CIO: Trusted Partner for Driving Value

The new world of Covid has put an emphasis on how we work and the tools that keep us productive. At the center of this transformation is IT, the organization that is now being asked to enable productivity for every employee and every business department. Employees and stakeholders expect IT to deliver tools and processes that are as intuitive and easy to work with as consumer products. Here at Atlassian, we have the unique position of being a super user of the products that we build for external customers. Join Jenna Cline, Head of IT Strategy and Planning, as she moderates a discussion between Archana Rao, Atlassian CIO, and Noah Wasmer, Atlassian Head of Tech, around their business partnership – the good and the bad – and how it’s influencing the future of Atlassian solutions.

NOTE: This is a live session happening on Thursday, April 29th from 1-1:30 pm PDT.

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