Deekshith Musthyala
Deekshith Musthyala
Principal Application Developer
Deekshith is a Principal Application Developer at ADP. Deekshith joined ADP in 2018 and assumed the roles of building and scaling the Atlassian toolset. Before joining ADP, Deekshith has worked for many diverse companies revolutionizing organizations throughout the US and India, rapidly learning the intricacies of new technologies, and breaking down barriers hindering success to unite parties on common missions and goals.

Deekshith enjoys conceptualizing and directing cutting edge initiatives for large corporations such as Verizon, T-Mobile, ADP, etc. His passion is to improve collaboration and promote problem-solving applications and solutions.

Deekshith has a Masters in Computer Science and an Executive MBA in information technology from Ottawa university. He is an Atlassian Certified Jira and Jira Service desk administrator. Deekshith is also a quad speed skater, and he likes to read fictional books.