On-Demand Content at Team ‘22

Product or solution breakout session

Sessions focused on Atlassian products that address key features or solutions. 


A demonstration of a product or practice. A session that shows the capabilities or a "how-to" of a specific tool or product. 

Teams & culture use cases

Sessions that cover best practices, team plays, and focused primarily around team collaboration, practices and culture.

Customer use cases

A session that illustrates how a process, product, or system was used to accomplish a goal or solve an issue for a specific Atlassian customer.

Technical deep dives

Highly technical sessions that go deep into problem-solving or idea creation around a product or practice.

1559657-61f2f7f7df6de.svgAgile & DevOps

Modern development requires real-time adaptation and collaboration. Learn how the Atlassian Open DevOps approach gives the flexibility of a diverse software toolchain with the coordination of an all-in-one. The outcome is teams staying in sync while they complete the loop of Discovery > Delivery > Operate and back again, with agility.


As companies push through digital transformations, teams need to move with unified urgency and speed. Learn how the Atlassian ITSM solution helps development, IT operations, and business teams operate at even higher velocity to deliver great service experiences that customers and employees demand.

1559657-61f2f7f7df6de.svgOpen Work Management

The way work gets done and how people work together is in a constant state of evolution. New workflows and practices are created and adapted by teams to orchestrate the way they deliver value to their customers. In this track, you’ll learn how Atlassian’s solutions for work management can help provide a flexible yet coordinated and more collaborative approach to making work flow across your organization.

1559657-61f2f7f7df6de.svgTeamwork Culture

Unleashing your team’s potential requires the right combination of products, practices, and people working together to enable a connected and engaged work culture. Explore how our latest innovations and ideas power high-performing teams and set the foundation for distributed workforces to remain healthy, effective, and resilient.