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Don't Bother Scaling, Unless…

Don't Bother Scaling, Unless…

More process and a larger tool stack is not a panacea to help your team perform as you scale. You need to kick butt as an agile team in the small before you can scale. In this talk, learn about the foundations necessary to be an effective agile team and how Confluence and Jira can support high-performing teams. This talk is not for high-performing companies with multiple agile teams. But if you’re struggling, have more work than you can do, or are onboarding more teams than you can handle, join in! Key takeaways include: how to use Confluence and Jira to support building a culture of high-performing teams; the foundations you need in place so you can scale, be effective, and go at a sustainable fast pace; tips and tricks for doing just enough requirements gathering, problem domain modelling, UX design, architecture, test automation, and DevOps.

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