Team '23 is the ultimate event for developers, creators, innovators, and leaders. We’re creating a special space for teams of every industry to come together and explore the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity, and tech.

Your involvement will help Atlassian share new ways to unleash a team’s full potential and new ideas to build the future of work.

We are so grateful to have you along for the ride.

If you have any questions please reach out to team@atlassianevents.com or directly to your track leads.

Speaker Deliverables

Speaker Deadlines

Track Leads

Agile & DevOps

Lena Jiao: ljiao@atlassian.com

Tanvi Kaur: tkaur2@atlassian.com



Jeremy Cooley: jcooley@atlassian.com

Maxwell Chen: mchen3@atlassian.com

Nicole Pitaro npitaro@atlassian.com

Teamwork Culture

Eugene Chung: echung@atlassian.com

Garrett Griffith: ggriffith@atlassian.com


Open Work Management

Javier Angel: jangel@atlassian.com

Tracy Kim: tkim2@atlassian.com


For all Team '23 speaker inquiries, contact team@atlassianevents.com or reach out to your track lead directly.