Introduction to Atlassian Open DevOps

In the world of DevOps, Atlassian believes every software team should choose the best tools and technology without sacrificing the ability to collaborate across the company. Learn more about our open and integrated approach that allows teams to use the tools of their choice to ship better software without slowing down.

Effective DevOps pipelines with Atlassian and AWS

Building, deploying, and operating software across multiple regions is never straightforward. Tests, infrastructure, or the network can fail, resulting in investigation, potential rollbacks, or redeployments. But with the right tools, you can mitigate stress for your team or customers.

Using Atlassian and AWS tools in common DevOps workflows, we'll demonstrate how to build a simple, multi-region pipeline that helps identify issues in testing, and to monitor and roll back changes in production in order to minimize impact.

Protect your code from exploits and vulnerabilities with Snyk integration within Bitbucket Cloud

Take advantage of Snyk's free integration, and learn strategies for successfully bringing security into your developer workflow without creating disruption and protecting your application code. In this step-by-step demo, learn how enable Snyk in Bitbucket to scan for which vulnerabilities to address first, how to better secure container images, and Snyk’s open-a-fix pull request feature to easily resolve security issues.

How Pac-Man taught me to love progressive delivery

Progressive delivery does away with release nights, unlocking shorter lead times while increasing safety. The key? Decoupling deploy from release. Join this talk for a Pac-Man demo with Jira and Split.

How automated testing enables DevOps

Join Thomas Lavin from Mabl as he walks through how to follow a best practice of integrating automated testing into your DevOps pipeline for faster delivery, faster feedback, fewer bugs, and ultimately, happier customers.