Your training voucher enables you to choose any Atlassian University On demand course. You can choose any course from our catalog. When you are in the checkout process, you’ll be given the chance to enter a promo code. Use your voucher code and the cost should change to $0 before completing enrollment.
Your credential voucher enables you to take any Atlassian University Skills Badge exam. To prepare for these online exams, you can watch any free, On demand Skillbuilder course first. Then choose the exam from this list on our Certification page to start the checkout process. Like your training voucher, you’ll be given the chance to enter your promo code in the checkout process to change the cost to $0.
Note: Skills Badge exams don’t require you to complete any training before taking the exam, but we highly recommend you do—after all, we want you to be prepared to pass the exam and earn the credential! If you do not pass the exam, you would need to pay the normal cost to take it again.