Enterprise success stories: how Rakuten uses Atlassian at scale

Rakuten is an e-commerce, Fintech and mobile provider group company with approximately over 25,000 users distributed across 30 countries and regions. They are a global conglomerate, made up of many subsidiaries and businesses with one thing in common - they all use Atlassian products. In fact, their largest Jira instance has over 6 million issues and largest Confluence instance has over 56 million pieces of active content.

In this session, you’ll hear directly from Eric Martin, IT Manager, about how the teams he supports use Atlassian tools, why they decided to standardize across the business, and tips and tricks for those of you who are on a similar journey. He’ll also share a bit about how Atlassian spread from technical teams across the business and his ideas on how to promote end-user adoption. This will be a conversational format facilitated by a subject matter expert from Atlassian with plenty of time for Q&A.