Working on DevSecOps Culture: a team centric view

Now that DevOps has been adopted widely, and much of the friction between development and operations has been reduced, organizations and their technical leadership want to learn how to address the next layer of friction, security. Or as it’s now being called, DevSecOps.

Much like the Agile development models that preceded DevOps, integrating security into the development process is necessary for the faster creation of innovative and safe applications. Establishing a DevSecOps culture amounts to overcoming the friction between the silos within your organization, and the rest is engineering.

Creating a DevSecOps culture requires the right technology, delivery processes, governance models, and cultural empowerment. By continuously assessing each of these pillars, your organization can establish a proactive DevSecOps culture.

In this talk, viewers will learn:

  • how to nurture a DevSecOps culture
  • unite previously siloed roles of development, security, and operations 
  • create a collaborative shared-responsibility paradigm