Wednesday, March 6, 2024 

ATARC DoD Panel: Revolutionizing government IT: DevOps integration in DoD software factories

Moderated by Tom Suder, join federal officials in a panel discussion on the transformative impact of DevOps within DoD software factories. Explore how DevOps methodologies are accelerating software delivery, emphasizing efficiency while upholding the highest standards of security and compliance. Panelists will delve into cultural shifts, collaboration strategies, and the creation of agile, responsive development environments.

  • Discover the critical integration of security practices into the DevOps pipeline through DevSecOps, ensuring rapid software delivery without compromising stringent security measures.
  • Uncover the array of tools and technologies shaping DevOps practices within DoD software factories, from automation to continuous integration tools.
  • The panel will also share key performance indicators and lessons learned, providing invaluable insights for federal officials navigating the complexities of modernizing government IT through DevOps principles.
  • This discussion promises a concise yet comprehensive exploration of challenges, successes, and ongoing efforts in reshaping software development in the public sector.
Intended Audience
Federal Government
Deployment Method
Cloud, Data Center