Wednesday, March 6, 2024 

ATARC Fed-Civ Fireside Chat: Enhancing experiences: Customer-centric IT service management in applications and processes

Moderated by Tom Suder, embark on a transformative journey with our fireside chat as we delve into the realm of IT service management, focusing on the deployment and management of applications to enhance customer experience. This session will unveil strategies for optimizing the development life cycle, ensuring seamless deployment, and elevating application management within a customer-centric IT service management framework.

  • Experience an insightful exploration beyond technical facets, as the discussion delves into the pivotal role of IT service management in streamlining crucial business processes such as legal, HR, and onboarding, ultimately contributing to an enriched customer journey.
  • Learn about innovative approaches and best practices that organizations adopt to drive efficiency and agility across diverse functions, with a primary focus on delivering a superior customer experience.
  • This session will provide a concentrated examination of how IT service management, when aligned with strategic application deployment and management, can significantly elevate and enhance the overall customer experience.
Intended Audience
Federal Government
Deployment Method
Cloud, Data Center