Joe Egabalawi
Joe Egabalawi
Senior Group Product Manager, Regulated Industries
Joe is a Senior Group Product Manager, Regulated Industries, Privacy, and Governance at Atlassian where he focuses on strategic efforts like FedRAMP, data residency, and data management solutions. He came to Atlassian with over two decades of professional experience, previously spending 13 years at Snowflake and Google focusing on and contributing to all things FedRAMP, IL5, global regulatory expansion, security, privacy, and governance. Prior to his stint in Silicon Valley tech, he spent nine fruitful years in the fast-paced world of investment banking, complemented by an early career stint as an engineer. Joe's journey into the public sector, particularly areas like FedRAMP, was driven by a deep-seated passion for security, privacy, and governance and the pursuit of merging these interests with the public sector's mission. He attained a Master's in Applied Mathematics and credits his unique approach to public sector compliance to the analytical thinking required by the discipline.

Outside the professional sphere, Joe is deeply family-oriented. He cherishes time spent with his beautiful wife, two daughters, and beloved dog, Jilly. For fun, Joe spends his time riding bikes and playing in various outdoor sports. Beyond that, much of his time is joyfully dedicated to supporting his daughters' pursuits in sports and theater.

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