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Join agency peers and experts to learn how to work more efficiently, modernize legacy workflows, and improve agility.

What is Atlassian Team Tour: Government?

Team Tour: Government is the event for government teams to gain valuable insights on how to transform their work at scale, get the latest on Atlassian’s product advancements, and discover the public sector roadmaps.

Walk away with actionable insights to transform the way your agency delivers critical services with seamless integrations, customizable workflows, powerful analytics, and better visibility.

There will also be a training day on March 14 in Northern Virginia – be sure to indicate your interest when you register for Team Tour: Government.

What you'll learn?

Modernize your workflows

Get expert tips to better connect teams, simplify work, and speed up projects.

Be the first to know

Hear the latest on the Atlassian roadmap for the public sector, including FedRAMP, and how to transform agency work for delivery at scale.

Fuel your transformation

Discover how to expand digital government applications and self-services with automated, scalable tools and practices.

Get hands-on trainings

Unlock your team’s best work with tools that make it easy to hit the ground running and quickly scale as you go.

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Hear from Rick Maharaj, Field CTO, about where Atlassian is headed, and the inspiring vision for the System of Work.

Rick Maharaj (Atlassian)

Join this panel of Atlassian experts and hear insights for how to plan for agency transformation roadmaps.

Navin Vembar (Atlassian), Ken Urban (Atlassian), Adam Gordier (Atlassian), Arjuna Rivera (Atlassian)

Your agency just implemented Jira Service Management for your support teams to use, but it feels like you are still running the exact same processes in a different system, without a plan to take full advantage of the optimizations that Jira Service Management offers. In this session, we will provide a roadmap of functionality that you can leverage to provide enhanced support for your customer base while reducing process overhead and increasing staff bandwidth.

Sam Nadarajan (Kunz, Leigh & Associates)

Learn how we constructed an Atlassian-based DevOps platform focused on security and user experience. This session uncovers the journey from inception to execution, providing you with practical knowledge for your own scalable multi-tool ecosystem. Attendees will leave enabled to discuss the value of interconnecting Atlassian tools, and empowered to use our lessons as a guide. Get ready for transformation at scale!

James Hunt (Contegix), Shaun Jones (Contegix)

Service management extends into the physical world, whether maintaining facilities, equipment, or vehicles. Hear a case study in how Fincantieri Marine Repair, a shipyard that works on U.S. Navy and commercial vessels, uses Jira Service Management to manage repair jobs and service within their facility.

Micah Waldstein (Oxalis), Kevin Thompson (Oxalis)

Familiar with MAX.gov Community? Community has been transitioned to Connect.gov! Hear about the transition, the team, and what’s in store for Community growth in CY24 and beyond.


Sponsor Panel

Join us for this panel to hear an insightful discussion about leveraging Atlassian's tools in the government sector, led by our moderator Shaun Jones from Contegix.

Shaun Jones (Contegix), Jarin McClinton (The Adaptavist Group), Micah Waldstein (Oxalis), Patrick Chapman (Northramp)

Join this session to hear how Jira’s built-in capabilities and a curated set of plugins were leveraged to support the complex and diverse needs of a Directorate within the Department of Defense, including:
- how we helped large multi-team programs effectively manage dependencies, enabling them to plan ahead, minimize surprises, and coordinate predictable delivery of valuable software features and capabilities.
- workflow configurations that support governance controls and auditing of approval decisions where required, while enabling flexibility and innovation.
- how to use forecasting to answer the question: once development starts, how do we know if we are on track? See how this can be done using a forecasting plugin together with prudent Agile scaling techniques.

Craeg Strong (Ariel Partners)

Moderated by Tom Suder, join federal officials in a panel discussion on the transformative impact of DevOps within DoD software factories. Explore how DevOps methodologies are accelerating software delivery, emphasizing efficiency while upholding the highest standards of security and compliance. Panelists will delve into cultural shifts, collaboration strategies, and the creation of agile, responsive development environments.

Major Matthew
Tom Suder (Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC)), Gordon Deng (Spaceforce), Major Matthew Jordan (USAF), Jeff Day (US Army)

Is your team overloaded with tickets? In this talk, you'll learn how to tame your Jira Service Management ticket queue so that you can focus on the work that really matters.

Rodney Nissen (ReleaseTeam), Jason Swartz (ReleaseTEAM)

As organizations increasingly embrace the agility and scalability offered by cloud solutions, migrating from on-premises servers to cloud platforms has become a strategic imperative. In this presentation, our speaker(s), share experience in migrating Jira instances, valuable insights, and lessons learned from the journey of moving from Jira on-premises to Jira Cloud.

Tina Behers (The Adaptavist Group), Jarin McClinton (The Adaptavist Group)
Ben Straub (Atlassian), Aaron Kleiner (Atlassian), Julie Dunne (Monument Advocacy), Jessica Salmoiraghi (BSA | The Software Alliance)

Learn about Atlassian's commitment to security and our program to improve the quality and availability of Open Container Initiative (OCI) compliant hardened containers. We'll discuss our efforts at reducing false positives, improving automated scanning, and security findings contextualization.

Shaun Jones (Contegix), James Hunt (Contegix)

There is an ever-growing need at the federal level for a centralized, shared platform that enables collaboration and data collection in a user-driven, outcome-oriented format. Using Confluence and Jira in a shared environment addresses this need across the board. They empower the entire federal user community, including non-federal stakeholders, to engage effectively on program management.

Taylor Urbanski (GovCollab, LLC), Brendan O'Meara (TCG Inc and GovCollab, LLC)

How does Higher Ed enable student hiring and student services using the Atlassian Platform? Join us in this session where you'll uncover the keys to transforming employee lifecycle management and walk away empowered to enact change within your organization. Hear how JSM provides the ideal platform for HR workflows and how various workflows can be automated using Jira Workflow automation and Onward's apps. Learn how universities can solve common HR workflow automation challenges with Workday as their Core HR system and JSM as their Service Management solution. See a live demo and learn what capabilities and use cases are made possible with HR data synchronized with JSM Assets.

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Frequently asked questions

Team Tour: Government is a full-day event for government teams to gain valuable insights on how to transform their work at scale, get the latest on Atlassian’s product advancements, and discover our public sector roadmaps.

The event will take place at:
The Westin Washington, DC Downtown
999 9th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA, 20001

Team Tour: Government is a one-day event. Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. and the last session will conclude at 2:50 p.m. Join us for a happy hour to close out the event!

The event is free to attend.

Yes, self parking and valet are offered at the Westin for a fee. Please check their website for current pricing.

Yes, sessions will be recorded and made available on demand the week of March 18, 2024.

You can find sponsorship opportunities and more information here.

Yes, partners can attend, but are limited to one attendee from each partner, unless approved by their partner manager.

Yes, lunch and snacks will be served during breaks.

For additional questions, contact teamtour@atlassianevents.com.