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Team Tour: The Series is a 5 month webinar series that kicks off after our annual flagship event, Team ’21. During this digital series, Atlassian will release never-before-seen talks from Team ’21 through four curated tracks or mini-series. Plus, we will share the latest technology and teamwork trends, innovative ways to work from industry experts, and ways top companies are using Atlassian to drive change.

Mini-series themes

Modern Dev & IT

Scalable, flexible, collaborative. Atlassian’s IT solutions transform how IT teams work together and with the business to deliver value faster.
Explore Atlassian’s exciting solutions that bring development and IT closer together to rapidly speed ideas to value, make changes safer and faster, and deliver always-on services with confidence.
Atlassian Platform for Enterprise
See how Atlassian’s enterprise solutions help build teams for change, deliver innovation at scale, and compete in a changing world. Learn how you streamline automation and scale any transformation.
Work Management for Business Teams
What teams accomplish change the world, and Atlassian creates the solutions to make it all run smoothly.
Learn how every team across your organization can prioritize and manage work to increase their productivity, collaboration, and outcomes while staying aligned to reach common goals.
Practices for the Modern Workplace
Under rapidly changing circumstances, companies are working hard to maintain business as usual for their employees and customers. Uncover how our customers evolved the way they work, determined success indicators, and developed tools to proliferate change.


The content throughout the series will be broken down into four different themes or tracks. Each theme will feature 7-8 individual webinars with a mix of thought leadership and technical/practices within each. Two individual sessions will air every week in 3 regions each, then each will be available on-demand with in 24-48hrs after the last broadcast.
  • 50K+ registrations across all webinars
  • 28K+ total content views
  • Anticipating 1.8K+ registrations per webinar, globally
  • 5K+ unique domains
Demographics *
* Based on Summit 2020 Webinar Series regional breakdown.
** Forecasts only

Sponsorship opportunities

Our sponsorship program is custom-built for the digital space. For Team Tour: The Series, we created unique packages for each of our four different mini-series themes.
We’ve strategically built packages that focus on the discover and connect pillars to create meaningful engagement within the digital space.
Please note, you may only sponsor a package, or multiple packages within one mini-series, and cannot sponsor across multiple mini-series.
How we imagine sponsors as apart of the Atlassian event journey
Event attendees go on a journey of discovery, and sponsors help craft that experience by creating learning resources and showcasing innovative solutions.
Directly connect with attendees beyond a chat box with more innovative opportunities for the digital event space.
Exploration is key for in-person events, and we strive to do the same for digital ones. Our goal is to make sponsorships active, engaging, and valuable.
Demo Session
Quantity: 2 per mini-series (8 total)
Price: $5,000
  • (1) 3-5 minute demo session available at the conclusion of a session.
    • Demo will be one of the two sessions the attendees can choose to watch after the session concludes.
    • Demo will show for the entirety of the mini-series (7-8 webinar in 3 regions total).
  • Leads, as well as average watch time, will be provided from those attendees who viewed the specific sponsor's demo session and opt-in.
  • Sponsor logo, company description, and URL shown on the mini-series website.
Ad Space in Session Viewer
Quantity: 3 per mini-series (12 total)
Price: $1,000
  • (1) static ad provided by the sponsor shown in the session viewer throughout the duration of a session.
  • A link will be included in the advertisement to the company website.
  • Ad will be shown (3) times.
    • For the same session in all three regions.
  • No engagement data provided, but the sponsor can provide a trackable link.
  • Sponsor logo, company description, and URL shown on the mini-series website.
Session Video Advertisement
Quantity: 3 per mini-series (12 total)
Price: $2,500
  • (1) 30-second video to be played before the session begins.
    • Brand only sponsorship. No engagement data provided.
  • Atlassian will choose which specific session it is played before in the mini-series the sponsor purchases within.
    • The ad will play during each regional broadcast (3 total) during the series, as well as, be viewed to on demand viewers.
  • Sponsor logo, company description, and URL is shown on the mini-series website.
White-paper on Mini Series Site
Quantity: 4 per mini-series (16 total)
Price: $300
  • (1) white-paper in two locations: mini series landing page, as well as, registration confirmation page.
  • No engagement data provided, but the sponsor can provide a trackable link.
  • Sponsor logo, company description, and URL shown on the mini-series website.

Lead data provided


Demo Session

Session Video Advertisement

Ad Space in Session Viewer

White-paper on Mini Series Site