Using Vanta for ISO27K Compliance
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Developer Day Opening Keynote
Keran McKenzie (Atlassian)

In our opening keynote, we’ll kick off Developer Day with a look at how extensibility is driving Atlassian’s platform strategy. Leaders from the Ecosystem product and engineering team discuss the current and future state of the Atlassian developer platform and highlight new opportunities for for developers to build custom solutions.

We’ll preview plans to make Forge more powerful and more flexible, and we’ll discuss ways Atlassian is working with the community to co-create our next-generation developer platform. Hear customer insights and security trends that are shaping the Marketplace, and see how developers can tap into the power of the Atlassian platform to build enterprise-grade apps.

Panel: Patterns for Building Complex Apps in Forge
Jillian Patterson (Adaptavist), Jeff Ryan (Appfire), Julian Wolf (Seibert Media GmbH), Karen White (Atlassian)

In this panel fireside chat, you’ll hear our Partners' challenges, successes, and key learnings with building complex apps in Forge:

  • Appfire, who have built extensively in Forge, are at the finish line to release their popular server app, Jira Miscellaneous Custom Fields, on Forge. Jeff Ryan, Software Architect from Appfire

  • Adaptavist, another Forge pioneer, who recently released Scriptrunner Behaviours on Forge. Jill Patterson, Senior Product Manager, ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud from Adaptavist

  • Seibert Media, who were early adopters and released the first Forge app in the Marketplace — and many more since. Julian Wolf, Technical Coordinator at Seibert Media

Data Residency Deep Dive

This Marketplace Partner session will be led by Fabian Siegel, a software engineer at K15t — a company that has been a front-runner in offering app data residency. You’ll learn what data residency means for apps and why it’s important to customers, as well as the technical challenges and hurdles K15t overcame to implement the feature.

Using Vanta for ISO27K Compliance
Tobias Viehweger (yasoon GmbH)

Industry standard certifications (like ISO 27001) can be a valuable signal to customers, proving the strength of an app’s security posture. But achieving certification can be quite time consuming, especially for startups. Discover a streamlined way to achieve certification and create a robust Trust Center with Tobias Viehweger, Co-Founder and tech lead at yasoon. He’ll share the company’s experience achieving ISO 27001 compliance with Vanta.

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