Vienna, Austria ūüá¶ūüáĻ

11 September 2019

Master your Atlassian Skills

Enablement Academy laid the groundwork for understanding Atlassian products, services, and solutions. With Mastery Camps, we want to take your learning to the next level, and accelerate your understanding of your role in selling and consulting around Atlassian solutions. 
At the Atlassian ITSM Mastery Camps, you will learn how to identify key pain points in IT operations conversations; how to understand strategic buyers' needs; and how to build strategies for big picture Atlassian Enterprise IT operations solutions.
The half-day interactive Mastery Camp activities drive discussions around how your customers approach Enterprise solutions; standardizing on Atlassian products; engaging with TAM and Premier Support; and the specialization that Solution Partners bring to customers.

What's on the agenda?

The Vienna Mastery Camp starts an overview of Atlassian's perspective on IT operations solutions, including products, processes, and Solution Partner services. Then you will split into groups as we dive into interactive sessions, where we focus on discovering and navigating different opportunities.
You will give group presentations throughout the day, where you will be able to apply key trainings to master your pitch to customers.
Post Mastery Camp, follow-up sessions will be scheduled with your Channel Manager and Atlassian Solutions Engineer to discuss applying what you learned in your daily customer interactions, and planning your engagement with your top customer prospects and opportunities.
To apply, you must complete or have a plan to complete your Accredited Atlassian Sales Professional or Technical Sales Professional training in Enablement Academy.

Practical Information

The day begins promptly at 11:15, following the opening keynote. Please arrive early to allow time
The day will end by 18:00.
Because of the interactive nature of each session, be prepared to be away from your devices for the day. There will be several small breaks, plus a quick break to get lunch (lunch is provided).

Location, Location, Location...

Event Address
Wien, Austria, 1020