Product Craft Call For Speakers 


Have an idea for a product-related topic but don’t know where to share it? Now we have an open forum for you to share knowledge and uplevel your Product Management and speaking skills! While our flagship event is Product Craft Conference, we’re excited to announce that this Product Management call for speakers will now be available throughout the year. That means you can submit topics to multiple internal forums on an ongoing basis. See below for descriptions of the currently available opportunities.

Presentation Forums

Product Craft Conference 2022 - Live Event

*Please note the deadline for submissions for Product Craft 2022 is March 21, 2022

The Product Craft Conference is an annual opportunity for Atlassian PMs to come together from all over the world and learn with and from each other in a packed couple of days. Expect everything from workshops, external speaker keynotes, real internal-only “stories from the field,” and opportunities to build connections with fellow Atlassian PM’s across the globe. This event is an incredibly unique opportunity to learn and grow our product management craft, together.


Product Craft Year-Round Content - Live Events & Async Sessions

Submissions to join the Product Craft Speaker Series or contribute to on-demand content will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Why limit our knowledge sharing to an annual event when we can continue to learn & share throughout the year? From live events like our Product Craft Speaker Series to on-demand sessions for async consumption, we are delivering year-round content to our global product management team.


Shipping Product Vision and Strategy

*A focus area for Product Craft Conference 2022

What is our unified product and platform strategy, and what does this mean for our internal stakeholders as well as our customers? What stories do you have about optimizing for outcomes? How have you led and inspired a team towards a vision? How has team or company strategy helped you shape individual product strategy work?


Mastering the Craft Through Cross-TEAM Collaboration

*A focus area for Product Craft Conference 2022

As we continue to scale, it is more important than ever to find the best ways of working across teams, products, platforms, and crafts. How do you leverage expertise from our research and analytics partners in service of the ‘proud to ship’ principle? How can bringing in more voices enhance our products? What tools and case studies can help us increase diversity, equity, and inclusion on our product teams?


Continuous Learning & Growth

Share your learnings throughout your career to guide others in their career growth and PM skills. Career growth:

  • The jump from IC to M

  • Moving into Product from another craft


PM Skills

  • Influence through Storytelling

  • Building skills in another area of the PM skills triangle: Artist, Scientist, or General Manager

  • Deep dive into one of the 4 Pillars of PM craft: Leads & Inspires, PM Mastery, Delivers Outcomes, or Great Communicator

Session Types

As we continue to iterate on ways to deliver and engage with content in a TEAM Anywhere world, we encourage you to think of unique ways to tell your stories. We’ve included a few session types we’d like to see as part of Product Craft Conference 2022 as inspiration.

*Please note that all sessions for Product Craft Conference 2022 will be delivered live via Zoom.

Lightning talks (5-10 mins)

Your regular deck + presentation. Just at lightning speed.


Case Study (10-20 mins)

A short story of how a win or learning from personal experience can be replicated or scaled across other teams.


Interactive workshop (30-40 mins)

Guided working session that is actively hands-on to solve a problem or try a new skill. May include breakout rooms.

Session Review Process

Speaker details will be anonymous during preliminary selection to ensure we have an objective assessment of each submission.

Atlassian is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive event that showcases the contributions of people from all backgrounds.

Tips For a Winning Submission

When our committee is evaluating your submission, we only have what you provide as a part of your submission to take into consideration, so make it good! To improve your chances of being selected, be sure to cover the following points.

  • Tell us why your topic is interesting, relevant, and unique.
  • Share what your audience will walk away thinking/knowing/doing, that they didn't know prior to your session. Provide specific key takeaways!

  • Provide detailed context about your subject matter, and your intended audience.

  • Give concrete examples of the specific topics you'll cover - e.g. solutions to problems/issues, successful use cases, demos, best practices, teachings, how-to's, tips and tricks.

  • Keep your abstract as short and concise as possible - use the outline section to tell us more about your session specifics.

Important Dates For Product Craft Conference 2022

March 21, 2022
Call for speakers will close at 11:59 PM PST.

April 4, 2022
We will start notifying speakers the week of April 4 with the status of their submissions.

April 11, 2022
Agenda for Product Craft Conference 2022 announced.

April 25, 2022
Final content review for Product Craft Conference 2022.

May 11-12, 2022
Product Craft Conference 2022 held digitally!

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