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Explore popular sessions and never-before-seen talks from industry experts and Atlassian leadership.

Teams & Future of Work

Teams & Future of Work
Elite teams run on full tanks. How full is yours?

Molly Hellerman, Head of CTO Engine, Atlassian

Pro athletes, Nobel Prize winners, and FBI negotiators know how to make their teams run on full tanks. Do you? Learn more
Teams & Future of Work
Scale your team culture by hacking these 10 Atlassian tools

Sherif Mansour, Distinguished Product Manager, Atlassian

Learn how to leverage Jira, Confluence, and Trello to cultivate an innovative and open culture, and inject fun into your business-as-usual. Learn more
Teams & Future of Work
From YouTube to Coda: How to build top-performing product development teams

SHishir Mehrotra, CEO and Co-Founder, Coda

Learn how to build your processes like you build your products. Develop an “operating system” to bring together teams across the organization. Learn more
Teams & Future of Work
Maintain velocity at scale with these research-backed principles

Stephen Deasy, Head of Engineering, Atlassian

Explore research-backed principles that can help your teams achieve better outcomes while you scale and be happier doing so. Learn more
Teams & Future of Work
The art of self-management: If cars can drive themselves, why not teams?

Anshuman Dash, COO, K15t

Get practical tips and ideas that empower teams to take ownership, make decisions, reinforce trust, and make important decisions together. Learn more

Business Transformation
The tipping point (and what happens when you’re too late)

Corné den Hollander, Product Owner, Air France - KLM

Joel Tomasoa, Senior Tech Consultant, Airfrance KLM

Go on Air France - KLM’s journey of upgrading to Data Center, their lessons learned, and how they solved their most complex issues. Learn more
Business Transformation
Creating a future-friendly culture

, , Futurosity

Learn how you can shape your organization’s future and create a culture that transforms uncertainty into opportunity. Learn more
Business Transformation
Busted! 10 myths about moving to Atlassian cloud

Maren Hotvedt, Lead Experience Designer, Atlassian

Come and debunk the 10 biggest misconceptions and myths about moving to our cloud products from server. Learn more


Evolving ITSM for high-velocity teams

Paul Buffington, Principal Solution Business Strategist, Atlassian

Akshay Anand, Product Ambassador, ITSM, Axelos Global Best Practice

Explore how IT organizations are adapting to challenges of modern service delivery, and how leaders align complex work to deliver greater value, faster. Learn more
Lessons learned and an inside look into incident management at Atlassian

Jim Severino, Program Manager, Atlassian

Incidents are a fact of life. The difference between good and great companies is in how you respond and recover. See how Atlassian does it and why it works. Learn more


Agile Jira configuration, or how not to f*** your customers

Jonathan Kern, Agile Consultant, The Adaptavist Group

Jon Kern, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, will share best practices for administering Jira while still honoring agile principles. Learn more
Crossing the chasm: From agile to business agility

Maurizio Mancini, Enterprise Agile Coach, Exempio Inc

Paul Ryan, CTO, OpenX

Explore how to bridge the gap between software and business in order to deploy business agility at every level of the organization. Learn more
Stop weaponizing agile metrics and start measuring awesomeness

Ian Maple, Enterprise Agile Leader, Intuit

Track the metrics that matter in a customer-obsessed and data-driven world. Learn about an outcome-focused approach to agile metrics and how to implement it. Learn more
What to do when your software team is Agile but your Business Partners are waterfall

Brad Kramer, Sr. Solutions Engineeer, Atlassian

Navigate the choppy waters of agile transformation and learn how other organizations were able to successfully close the expectation gap. Learn more


Continuous delivery as Agile’s successor: What it means for the rest of the business

Michael Godeck, Business Analyst, Pfizer

Continuous delivery is at the heart of enterprise digital transformation. See how it can add value to every layer of your company. Learn more
Organize #allthethings: strategies for structuring your team’s work in Jira

Ijeoma Ekeh, Senior Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

Learn Atlassian’s best practices for representing work in Jira so you can build a sustainable structure as your team grows. Learn more