Transforming global collaboration: Kaizen gaming’s journey with Atlassian and Adaptavist

Discover how Kaizen Gaming, a leading GameTech giant, revolutionized their global collaboration practices with Atlassian's work management solutions. Hear firsthand about how they overcame teamwork challenges across 13 countries by transforming administrative processes, enhancing transparency, and rectifying errors rooted in outdated email and spreadsheet systems. You'll learn insights from their 4-month rapid transformation project execution and ongoing enhancements, demonstrating the impact of strategic training and innovative work management solutions in a multinational setting.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how integrating a single Atlassian platform enhanced global team collaboration and reduced administrative tasks
  • Discover strategies for streamlining campaign management with Atlassian, including automation for diverse process needs
  • Gain insights on prioritized tracking with visibility and tips for training during the adoption of new work methodologies
Cross-functional collaboration
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