How Loom powers Remote’s distributed culture

This session explores the transformative role of Loom in fostering an asynchronous company culture at Remote. We delve into practical insights on leveraging Loom for enhancing communication, engagement, and knowledge sharing within remote teams. Through a blend of personal experiences and practical applications, discover how Loom integrates into daily work at Remote, enabling a more dynamic, inclusive, and efficient work environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: Learn how we use Loom to create an inclusive environment that respects diverse time zones and working styles, enhancing overall productivity and team morale.
  • Engagement and Personality: Discover the unique ways we use Loom to foster engagement and allow team members to express their personalities, contributing to a stronger, more connected team.
  • Enhanced Communication Efficiency: Understand how both creators and consumers of Loom content use key features including AI-powered editing and chapter tools to streamline information sharing and training, making complex topics easily understandable and saving valuable time.
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