How Confluence databases, automation, AI, and whiteboards revolutionized our documentation practices

Confluence is experiencing a huge and fast evolution. Many new features such as automation, Atlassian Intelligence, whiteboards, and very recently databases are redesigning our daily work processes in Confluence. With Confluence Databases, we started reconsidering our legacy documentation processes and discovered that joining forces with Confluence automation created new governance and workflow capabilities that up to now were just impossible. New smart values, database features, and new capabilities of Atlassian Intelligence enable us to make things more efficient and effective, more automated, and much better governed.

In this session, we show you some variants of documentation processes that we developed with clients. We also look into the near and far future, guessing how these fast-moving evolutions will improve and further revolutionize organization-wide workflows. We also broaden the scope to work processes across all teams and how these too will get revolutionized by the new Confluence.

Key takeaways: 

  • Do not just continue your 'old' processes within new Confluence features: go for a complete redesign
  • Keep a close eye on the evolution of the Atlassian ecosystem to keep on improving your work management
  • Automate work processes as much as possible while staying in control
  • How to make Confluence the foundation for your corporate, digital workplace
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