Show how your team is leading the pack. Celebrate your team’s hard work and ingenuity at the fifth annual Team Awards.

The Team Awards honors teamwork excellence. Join us in celebrating teams across industries and sizes who are transforming the future of teamwork with Atlassian.

The call for entries is now closed

Are your teams using Atlassian products in innovative ways?

From nonprofits to the Fortune 500, we recognize technical teams, non-technical teams, and beyond.

Unleashing Developer Joy Award

This award is for organizations that have embraced developer experience practices, tooling, and culture to improve the daily lives of their developers. Tell us about how you’ve empowered your engineering teams to stay in the flow by reducing cognitive load and manual tasks, encouraged share of knowledge and best practices, and removed friction from development workflows.

High Velocity Award

This award is for technical teams who have delivered success in the ITSM space. Tell us about your world-class help desk, the way you support internal or external users, and how you communicate and deliver at scale.

Work Differently, Together Award

Embracing diversity of thought and challenging the old ways of working is the new competitive edge. This award is for a unique story of work management. Think: async collaboration, success with our Team Playbook plays, or communicating with business stakeholders.

Enterprise Agility Award

This award focuses on Agile & DevOps initiatives. Winners in this category demonstrate excellence in business agility, transformational organizational practices, scaling agile across their organizations, and more.

The Cloudie Award

Have you successfully migrated to Cloud from one of Atlassian's Server or Data Center products. This award category is for you. Tell us about your process, your impact, and the amazing results you drove by moving to Cloud.

Atlassian Foundation Award

This category celebrates the nonprofit that best marries the spirit of the Atlassian Foundation with great teamwork practices.


Community Choice Award

This category will be awarded by the Atlassian Community. They’ll have the opportunity to vote on the finalists and vote on their favorite submission.

*You cannot submit for this category. The winner will be selected by votes from The Atlassian Community.


Team of the Year Award

The highest honor will go to the team that has broken down silos, built a culture of innovation, and demonstrated that delivering greatness is impossible alone.

*You cannot submit for this category. The Team of the Year finalists will be selected from other category submissions.

Thank you for nominating your team
Submissions are now closed.

Winning teams will receive special recognition through content and social media during and after our Team '24 event. Three members from each winning team will receive a trophy and free passes to attend Team '24 in Las Vegas. Winning teams will also enter into our Team Awards Hall of Fame.

Winners will be notified on March 18, 2024 via email.

The Community Leader Awards and Partner Awards will still take place during their individual Team programs. Atlassian Community Members are allowed to also nominate their team for the Atlassian Team Awards. We respectfully ask Partners to only participate in the Partner of the Year Awards.

To ensure all teams are given equal consideration, entries will be evaluated by a small review committee and the finalists will be voted on by all of Atlassian. The Community Choice award will be selected by the Atlassian Community.