Team 2021

We’re looking for inspiring voices, ideas, and expertise from industry leaders and storytellers like yourself for the ultimate digital conference.



Team 2021, formerly known as Atlassian Summit, is the biggest digital experience for developers, creators, and innovators. Get together with industry experts to explore the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity, and tech, and ways to unleash the full potential of every team.

We invite you to reimagine work in this new world—explore the challenges we face together, shift thinking, and shape the future of teamwork.

We’re looking for the ways you build thriving teams through unique practices or Atlassian products. How do you improve cross-functional collaboration, candid transparency, mutual respect, and team inclusion in the era of distributed teams? What are some of your approaches to modern ITSM, development, or agile? Learn more about our tracks below.

Innovation is core to everything we build, and this digital conference is no different. We want to encourage you to think about unique ways to deliver your story and message. For the first time, we’re accepting submissions in various formats including:

  • Presentations
  • Conversational panel
  • Audio-only podcast
  • Video with your entire team
  • and more! Include your ideas in your submission form.

We encourage individuals of all backgrounds and levels of speaking experience to submit a proposal. If you're selected as a speaker, you will receive a free digital pass and speaker support throughout your presentation development process. The selection process is competitive, but we have tips to help you submit a winning proposal.

Please note that we do not offer any paid opportunities to speakers, and these sessions are not for service and product pitches. If you're interested in marketing your solutions, please email


See where your talk would fit into one of our six digital channels at Team 2021.

Scaling for the enterprise

Successful enterprises focus on their teams and ensure that they have the right tools and practices to help them compete in a changing world. Learn how Atlassian’s enterprise solutions address your teams' demands as they aim to be built for change and deliver innovation at scale.

Business transformation

A digital transformation is only as impactful as the cultural transformation it supports. In this track, learn how to rewire your entire business for the future of work through new approaches to team collaboration and the technology that supports them.


IT is in the midst of rapid transformation, but old ways of working constrain progress. Learn about how Atlassian’s ITSM solution empowers teams from support, operations, development and beyond to deliver great service at scale.

DevOps & Agile

This track will help you bring modern software development practices to your teams with Jira Software, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, Opsgenie, Statuspage and all of the partners in Atlassian’s open ecosystem. Learn how agile software teams work cross-functionally with IT and business teams to break silos, keep everyone on the same page, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Journey to the cloud

In today’s world, a move to the cloud is critical to help you build for the future and deliver more value to your customers, fast. In this track we’ll help you level up your Atlassian cloud knowledge, highlight top benefits from customers who’ve migrated, provide best practices, and help you get started on your cloud journey.

Teams & culture

Unleashing your team’s full potential requires a combination of the right products, practices, and culture. Learn about effective collaboration with tools like Trello, Confluence, and new product innovations that help keep everyone on the same page. Explore the vital elements that go into building high-performing teams, and how to assess and develop what’s essential for distributed workforces to remain productive, healthy, and resilient.

Session Review Process

Speaker details will be anonymous during preliminary selection to ensure we have an objective assessment of each submission.

Atlassian is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive event that showcases the contributions of people from all backgrounds.

Selection committee

There are 40+ different people on the selection committee reviewing all submissions. Our reviewers come from a wide variety of demographic backgrounds and possess a broad range of expertise to ensure there are diverse perspectives when selecting the content presented at Atlassian events.

Anonymous review

When speakers submit their proposed topic, reviewers won’t be able to see any identifying information about the presenter while the content is being evaluated. This will allow us to assess the true merit of the proposal without allowing someone’s demographic characteristics or speaking experience to bias our decisions. After determining the highest quality submissions from each track, our selection committee will meet to ensure that we have an appropriate balance of speakers. In addition to the diversity and experience level of our speaker line up, we also try to ensure a good mix of Atlassian employees and customers. In order for us to prevent bias during the anonymous grading process, please do not include self-identifying information in the session abstract or message to the program committee.

Speaker training

The last hurdle to overcome is a structural one. We know that because of implicit bias, people from underrepresented backgrounds may be less likely to have significant prior speaking experience compared to their majority-group counterparts.

We want to ensure that all of our speakers are comfortable and confident when speaking. To that end, we’ll be offering virtual speaker training to selected presenters who would find it valuable. We believe that this training will pay a wide variety of dividends: it will ensure that we have a high-quality set of talks and increase the confidence of all our speakers.

Tips for a winning submission

When our committee is evaluating your submission, we only have what you provide as a part of your submission to take into consideration, so make it’s good! To improve your chances of being selected, be sure to cover the following points.

  • Tell us why your topic is interesting, relevant, and unique.
  • Share what your audience will walk away thinking/knowing/doing, that they didn't know prior to your session. Provide specific key takeaways!

  • Provide detailed context about your subject matter, and your intended audience.

  • Give concrete examples of the specific topics you'll cover - e.g. solutions to problems/issues, successful use cases, demos, best practices, teachings, how-to's, tips and tricks.

  • Keep your abstract as short and concise as possible - use the outline section to tell us more about your session specifics.

Here are some examples of abstracts from a previous Atlassian event.


Important Dates

November 17, 2020
Call for speakers for Team 2021 ends at 11:59 pm PST.

January 2021
We will start notifying speakers in January 2021 with the status of their submissions.

Reach out to if you have not received notice by the end of February 2021.

March 2021
Agenda for Team 2021 announced.

April 20 - April 21, 2021
Team 2021 held digitally online.