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We invite all engineers from any team and function. Learn from peers across the industry and the globe about challenges and successes of building and scaling SaaS applications, emerging tech and best practices, prioritizing cloud-first architecture, connecting engineering teams remotely, and more.

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Learn from peers across the engineering industry around the globe. Explore common challenges and tips for building SaaS apps, new tech trends and best practices, prioritizing cloud-first architecture, how to connect distributed teams, and more.



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Meet others across Engineering, other functions, and different geographies. Expand your network, find mentors and mentees, and new partners.

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We all know at Atlassian there can be “information overload” and plenty of us drown trying to drink from the firehose. Here’s your chance to hear about all different kinds of successes different engineers and teams have celebrated this year without trying to find every single Hello blog highlighting some amazing new process, framework, feature launch, etc.