Explore the future of work for enterprise teams, challenges and complexities that come with scaling, and how to optimize for speed and innovation.

Is Your Enterprise Built for Change?

Technology, evolving customer demands, and the modern workforce are changing the way enterprises operate. The ones that are "built to last" aren't built to change, and adaptability is critical in this hyper-competitive market.
Join other business leaders like yourself and explore ways your teams can better adapt to accelerating change, increasing complexity, and drive results.

Meet the experts

Network with others leaders who face similar challenges and discover Atlassian's vision for teamwork and agile at scale.

Level up the business

Improve how your teams get work done and deliver better products and results for your business and customers.

Scale your strategy

Learn how to align work with company goals, and strike the right balance between team autonomy and business objectives.

Drive Transformation

Learn practical tips and solutions you can implement in your organization today.

Featured Speakers

Junie Dinda
Head of Marketing, Server, Data Center, and Jira Align, Atlassian
Maggie Roney
PMM Team Lead, Atlassian
Derek Weeks
Vice President, Sonatype
Greg Laderman
Head of Direct Sales, Atlassian
Harsh Jawharkar
Head of Enterprise Cloud Platform Product Marketing, Atlassian
Robert Boyaval
Solutions Architect, Atlassian
Jeffrey Hammond
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Joanne Yo
Channel Manager, Atlassian

Cities and Dates

February 6, 2020
New York City  SOLD OUT
February 11, 2020
Toronto  SOLD OUT
February 13, 2020
Government Symposium
February 20, 2020
Singapore  POSTPONED
February 20, 2020
Sydney  SOLD OUT
February 27, 2020
Stockholm  SOLD OUT
March 3, 2020
London  SOLD OUT
March 5, 2020
March 12, 2020
March 17, 2020