Mission: Accelerate

2831162-64e271748ee23.svg4-8 December 2023
2831163-64e2717492601.svgAC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky, Copenhagen

What is Atlas Camp?

Atlas Camp is for Atlassian developers, sparking connections for over a decade. 

We’re back with Atlas Camp 2023, coming to you in-person from Copenhagen, Denmark on 4-8 December 2023.

This year, we’re on a mission to accelerate your success.

You’ll learn how you can move faster, optimize better - and make a lasting impression in the Atlassian Marketplace. We’ll dial in on four key areas:

Cloud transformation

Empower customers to succeed in cloud

Platform power

Hear the latest Forge platform updates

Tech innovation

Leverage emerging technologies, like AI

Marketplace growth

Build your business in Marketplace


4-5 December

Attend the conference

Your free conference ticket gets you access to two days full of announcements, how-tos, and advice from other developers. Pick the track that suits your interests, whether you’re a beginner or looking to go deep on advanced topics. Throughout the event, get to know developers who understand your world as an Atlassian app builder.

What to expect

  • Atlassian product news and announcements, curated for developers

  • Technical presentations designed to empower developers in the areas of cloud transformation, platform power, tech innovation and marketplace growth.

  • Opportunities to network with Atlassian product teams, leaders, and peer developers

Who is this for?

Developers of all experience levels are welcome. If you’re excited by the possibilities of bringing new use cases to Atlassian products, this event will send you home with inspiration and new skills you can apply directly to your next build.

6-8 December

Apply to the app accelerator workshop

After the conference, we’re closing out the week with a three-day app accelerator workshop. Bring what you’re building and receive real-time help from Atlassian engineers. Attendance for the workshop is capped to ensure a high quality support experience for participants.

What to expect

  • Instruction on how to adopt new tools and processes to thrive in cloud

  • 1:1 support from Atlassian engineers as you code side by side

  • The opportunity to ship a working app in days instead of months

Who is this for?

Developers who are actively building an app on Forge. If you’re working on a complex app that requires additional support from Atlassian engineering, this is your opportunity to get individualized support.

Applications are being accepted until 27 October.  Applicants will receive notification by 1 November of your status.


Times noted are Central European Time (CET)

04 December 2023 (SGT)

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Opening Keynote

Tim Pettersen (Atlassian), Grace Kraus (Atlassian), Keran McKenzie (Atlassian)

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM

How we built it: AI, Privacy & GPUs in the browser

In this session, we will lift the veil from the inner workings of our latest AI app. Learn how you can add AI capabilities to your apps while respecting users' privacy and security concerns. We'll explain our thinking around AI & Privacy, give a broad overview of the available AI libraries, and go into details on how we created Erica AI with brain.js.

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From legacy to Forge ready

See how to ensure your crucial business applications are ready to make the transition to Atlassian’s ecosystem, so you can continue to innovate and develop apps without a hitch. In this session, we'll dive into best practices and steps to prepare your application for seamless integration with Forge while maintaining your innovative momentum.

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An in-depth look at Forge app security

Explore Forge's app security in detail, discussing its strengths and limitations. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Forge's security architecture and be prepared for informed discussions about app security in the Atlassian ecosystem.

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11:20 AM - 11:35 AM

Combining powers of Generative AI, Atlassian products, and Forge

Join us for an informative session where Anmol will demonstrate how to combine Generative AI, Forge, and Atlassian tools to create something remarkable. During the session, we will explore the capabilities of Langchain, OpenAI, and Redis to develop scalable solutions.

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Making Forge a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud platform

We're approaching 3 years since Forge was made GA. Since then we've seen Forge's capabilities grow too with many new features. So is Forge secure, scalable and reliable for building and publishing apps? Join this talk to learn about the workflow that ensures Forge's security and reliability for your app.

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11:20 AM - 12:00 PM

App access rules and what it means for you

Angelina Ignatova (Atlassian), Justin Thirkell (Atlassian)

Atlassian customers will soon be able to selectively prevent apps from accessing certain data through APIs. App access rules could present challenges to apps, which will need context to understand when and how some data has become inaccessible. Learn the ins and outs of why and how customer data might sometimes be there – and sometimes not!

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11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Fortifying cloud security for Atlassian apps

This session will cover common vulnerabilities in Atlassian cloud apps and provide code examples for addressing them. We'll explore the Bug Bounty program's benefits, using bugcrowd as an example to illustrate various vulnerabilities. Additionally, we'll share our experience with multiple Atlassian apps participating in the bugcrowd program.

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3 proven strategies to launch and turbocharge your business on Atlassian Marketplace with data

Discover top tips and valuable insights for kickstarting and expanding your business in the Atlassian Marketplace. We'll delve into data that empowers you to understand your audience, closely track your performance, and watch the competition . All this illustrated along with important hacks created by one of our marketplace partners.

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 1:40 PM

Creating a monetization strategy to be successful on Marketplace

This session is for anyone who wants to monetize their apps. Hear insights from Harsh’s experience covering pricing and packaging solutions across B2B and B2C marketplaces. You'll learn about monetization strategy, ensuring app success, growth cycles, modeling opportunities, value metrics, willingness to pay, pricing strategies, and monetization timing.

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Updates to Confluence REST API v2

In this session, you will learn about the current state of Confluence’s V2 APIs and the reasoning for the significant architectural changes from V1 to V2. We will also provide some insight into plans the team has to help partners the transition to the V2 APIs.

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Building an internal developer platform on Bitbucket Cloud with Forge

Bitbucket Cloud aims to be the most extensible SCM and CI/CD product. It uses Forge to create developer platforms tailored to your organization's needs. In this session, we'll discuss Bitbucket Cloud's DevOps Automation Platform vision and what to expect in the next year.

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2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Create seamless cloud app experiences on Atlassian

Learn how to build great Atlassian product experiences through apps. Get tools, guidelines, and best practices for creating products that fit seamlessly into your customer's work life. Discover the latest UI features to make informed design decisions and create app experiences customers love.

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Building apps for Compass 101

Back by popular demand - join Patrick and Kelly as they reprise their awesome talk from App Week Berlin, earlier this year. Learn about building apps for and extending Compass using Atlassian Forge. Follow along as we build a sample app that demonstrates how to listen for product events and use events & metrics to create powerful experiences for customers.

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Building apps that users love: the K15t way

With nearly 15 years of experience crafting Atlassian Apps, K15t has honed a winning strategy that revolves around user-centric design principles and the effective use of personas. Join us as we share our approach to building successful apps that users adore. We’ll showcase our four essential design principles, illustrated with real-world examples and insights drawn from our journey. Additionally, discover how our persona-driven framework enhances every aspect of our product lifecycle, from marketing and design to development and support. Whether you've been building and selling marketplace apps for a long time or whether you are new to the game, this talk will equip you with actionable strategies to elevate your app development process and customer satisfaction.

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3:00 PM - 3:40 PM

Unveiling the potential with robust logging


Discover how utilising logging and usage tracking strategies in your Forge app development cycle can improve your Forge experience and provide analytics for performance optimization and user-centric enhancements. Gain practical insights, best practices, real-world use cases, and tips to maximize the power of Forge for growth and impact.

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The power of context: Combining LLMs and Atlassian data

This talk will discuss combining LLMs with customer data to create highly contextual and personalized results within your apps. Drawing from the experiences of Atlassian Intelligence feature teams, we’ll showcase different techniques such as zero-shot vs.few-shot training and address the trade-offs involved with each.

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Large data processing and evolution of a monolith

Do we build a monolith or use microservices when developing a high compute and data volume processing Connect app? Explore the 10-year evolution of a monolith cloud app. Learn to identify bottlenecks, scale processing power, distribute stored data, and optimize API usage while experimenting with new technologies, monitoring performance, and empowering customer support.

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05 December 2023 (SGT)

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Coordinating change: Delivering value

In the past year, Atlassian developed multiple programs to better coordinate changes to our partners. In this session we'll go over some of the current ways partners can learn about upcoming changes to Atlassian's products and platforms as well as introduce a new program to further align with partners.

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Cloud trust: Prioritizing your roadmap for enterprise growth

Trust is an essential ingredient in any business relationship, and is particularly important when handling customer data in the cloud. Join this session to learn what customers are looking for, what Atlassian is offering to improve cloud trust for customers with apps, and how Atlassian thinks about prioritization of key trust features.

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4 CEO lessons from 13 years of Marketplace growth

Refined began as a small theming app and expanded into a SaaS site builder with 50+ employees, 15k installations across six apps, and over 5,000 global customers. We’ll discuss lessons learned and their impact on growth at Refined. Discover the shift from on-premises to cloud-first SaaS, seeking assistance from a growth partner, avoiding short-term gains that jeopardize long-term objectives, fostering a culture of growth within the company, and learning from setbacks.

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11:20 AM - 12:00 PM

Lessons learned from building a popular Forge app

In this talk, we'll share lessons learned and challenges faced when building and maintaining a popular Forge app. Useful for new Forge developers and those looking to migrate from Atlassian Connect. Highlights include exploring Forge's features and limitations, plus tips to maximize its potential.

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Under the hood of the Forge platform architecture

Join Forge architect Brendan Barlow for an exploration of the platform's inner workings. We'll start with the challenges Forge sets out to solve and take you through a deep dive into the technical considerations and solutions. Hear how Forge has evolved over time, and get a peek at where Forge is going next.

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Our journey to data residency

Explore improving services in the Atlassian ecosystem and multi-regional support in the vendor community. Learn how a vendor overcame implementation challenges and used a test/private app for faster development. Discover the benefits of Infrastructure-as-Code tools like Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and timelines for data residency implementation.

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Lessons learned running an early-access program

With the successful launch of a new feature for the Forge app, we had a high-touch early-access program guided UI design, identified core functionality, and UX to deliver maximum value. We’ll share successes and lessons learned in running the program. You’ll learn how to find customers for creating a Forge app, logistics of our early-access program, and actionable insights on working alongside customers to deliver more value.

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Build UI faster with Forge & Figma

We want to provide our partner community with new tools that will make designing and building Forge UI faster and more efficient. With that intention, we would love to share our recent Ship It project – Forge UI builder Figma plugin that lets you easily convert your app designs in Figma to Forge code.

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How we became SOC 2 Type II compliant in 4 months

From initial inspiration at a Las Vegas conference to achieving SOC 2 Type II compliance in a mere 4 months, our tale is one of determination, collaboration, and proactive strategy. Learn how we turned compliance challenges into opportunities and positioned our company at the forefront of security and transparency.

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1:25 PM - 1:40 PM

Empower collaboration on Issues using Forge UI modifications

Learn how applications can supercharge your Jira and make it an even more powerful tool. We’ll show you how to adjust users' experience with a Forge app built with a UI modifications module. After this session, developers will walk away knowing what is possible with UI modifications.

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Successful app migrations after 2 years of JCMA

Migrating your application data to the Cloud can be a challenge that initially may seem overwhelming. In this session, we will show how to approach the development of the migrator using JCMA to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud without losing users.

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AI magic: Jira updates while you just work

Ever wish your computer could read your mind? With a sprinkle of Forge, a dash of Electron, and a hearty splash of AI, now it (kinda) can! Dive into a whimsical world where your laptop plays detective, peeking at your apps and calendar. The grand reveal? Jira tasks magically updating! Let the tech do the tracking, while you enjoy the show.

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2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Our Marketplace partner and Cloud journey

In three years, we transformed from a side project to a Silver Marketplace partner. Discover how to establish a company, grab Atlassian's attention, and create a Marketplace partner entity while juggling your daily responsibilities. We'll dive into adapting to the ecosystem, migrating from Server to Data Center and Cloud, co-founding a new venture, integrating AI, and navigating the challenges, strategies, and AI's potential within the Atlassian ecosystem.

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Forge Remote: A journey to a more flexible Forge

We are on a mission to make it easier and more secure to integrate remote services with Forge apps. In this talk, we will deep-dive into some of the recent features we have released for Forge Remote and discuss the roadmap for what is coming up next.

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"At stack" a new view on the Atlassian ecosystem

Atlassian's APIs extend tools and integrate systems. Forge is a web development platform with practical examples. Learn how to use Atlassian's ecosystem to build applications that go beyond tool functions and gain a fresh perspective on the powerful Forge API.

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3:00 PM - 3:40 PM

Migration strategy & roadmap

Transform your tech innovation by migrating to Cloud. We'll discuss seamless app migration from Server and Data Center to Cloud. We'll highlight our app migration strategy, showcasing Q1 and Q2 FY24 achievements, and outlining the roadmap for Q3 and Q4. Let's explore collaborating with Marketplace partners to enhance customers' migration experiences.

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Lessons learned from adding ChatGPT to an app

Considering adding AI to your app? Learn from our journey. Craft prompts for precise, actionable outputs. Try different ChatGPT models and refine prompts for best results. Discover tips for handling operation costs, response latencies, token and rate limits, and enterprise-level security and data privacy.

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Runtime of your life: Exploring new Forge runtime

New to Atlassian ecosystem? Skip Forge’s “custom runtime” for better compatibility. Learn about Forge’s new native Node.js runtime & isolation model, bringing performance improvements and allowing import of any modules as we explore the AWS SDK in Forge.

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4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

Custom JQL functions as a first-class citizen of the Issue navigator

We made custom JQL functions feel like built-in ones and integrated them into the New Issue Navigator. App developers can now create their own JQL logic that works anywhere JQL search is available. In this session, we'll explore the architecture of JQL functions and analyze a real-life app to learn how to write our own functions effectively.

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The power of building community to drive growth

Hear from Nikki Zavadska on why she invests time in the Atlassian Community. Learn how building a community helped Jexo (now part of Appfire) gain loyal customers and brand awareness. Discover ideas to tap into the Atlassian community for app business growth and personal enrichment within the ecosystem.

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Assets + Forge - Building apps to supercharge asset management

Asset management is a key component of effective service delivery. Learn how to build powerful Forge apps for Assets in Jira Service Management and help your teams take their service management practices to the next level.

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4:40 PM - 6:00 PM

07 December 2023 (SGT)

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

08 December 2023 (SGT)

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen

Center Blvd. 5, 2300 København, Denmark


Parking available at the hotel.  Check out other transportation options in the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

Atlas Camp is open to anyone interested in building apps and integrations for Atlassian products, and the weeklong event offers experiences for developers at varying levels. The conference on 4-5 December provides learning opportunities for beginners and experienced partners. While the content is technical, no coding is required. The workshop on 6-8 December is geared toward experienced app builders, and attendees should come ready to work on an existing app or app design.

To get the most out of the conference, attendees should:

  • Come ready to learn and network with others in the Atlassian ecosystem.

To get the most out of the app accelerator workshop, attendees should:

  • Have an app in mind that they want to build or improve. In your Atlas Camp application, outline your development goals and demonstrate how these goals help Atlassian customers.

  • Be a developer, tech lead, or technical leader, ready to get hands on with writing code.

Conference Event:
Your free conference ticket gets you access to 2 days full of live presentations. You’ll hear announcements, how-tos, and advice from other developers. Mix and match content that suits your interest across four tracks: Cloud transformation, Platform power, Tech innovation, and Marketplace growth. Throughout the event, get to know developers who understand your world as an Atlassian app builder.

App accelerator workshop

3-day workshop following the conference where you bring what you’re building and receive real-time help from Atlassian engineers. You must apply to in order to attend. Attendance for the workshop is capped* to ensure a high quality support experience for participants.

Yes, you must apply and be approved to attend. Applications are being accepted until 27 October. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your attendance shortly by 1 November. 

  • Practical, hands-on technical instruction (bring your laptop)

  • Small sessions, to keep the quality of interaction high

  • Exposure to new features and patterns for getting the most out of Forge

  • Guidance on building SaaS integrations and embedded apps

  • Quality time to meet and converse with Marketplace peers and Atlassians

Atlas Camp is free to attend. Attendees are responsible for costs associated with travel and lodging.

This event will be in-person in Copenhagen, Denmark on 4-8 December 2023.

Location: AC Hotel Bella Sky, Center Blvd. 5 2300, København, Denmark
Date: Monday 4 December - Friday 8 December, 2023
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

The parking options at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen are

  • On-Site Parking

  • Electric Car Charging Station

Paid Parking

APCOA - area code 3994.
EasyPark – area code 39940
It is also possible to park at the Royal Golf Club on the other side of Center Boulevard.

With the metro you can get to the center of Copenhagen in about 10 minutes. With metro line M1, which runs between Vanløse and Vestamager, you should get off at Bella Center metro station. From the station, walk between AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen's two towers and find entrance 3.
Further information at www.m.dk.

Several buses stop at the bus stop in front of our door.
Departure times can be found at DOT.
You can also use Rejseplanen to plan your trip by public transport.

Bella Sky Conference & Event is just 10-15 minutes by taxi from Copenhagen Central Station. To get to and from Copenhagen Central Station, you can also take bus 30, which takes 20-25 minutes. All regional trains stop at Ørestad Station, from where you can change to the metro. Please note that S-trains do not stop at Ørestad Station. Find more information and book tickets via DSB.

Aircraft and airport
Further information via Copenhagen Airport or SAS.
Bella Sky Conference & Event is just a 10 minute taxi drive from Copenhagen Airport. The regional trains run from the airport to Ørestad Station, where you can change to metro M1 (1 stop).

A taxi to/from the city center or the airport costs around DKK 200-250 in normal traffic conditions.

Atlassian welcomes the participation of individuals with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to enable equitable participation at Atlas Camp.