Call for Speakers

We’re looking for inspiring voices, ideas, and expertise from industry leaders and storytellers like yourself for the ultimate conference.

Call for Speaker is now closed. All submissions will be notified of the status of the submission in January 2022.


Team '22 is the ultimate event for modern teamwork. Attendees from around the globe are invited to explore the ways in which teamwork, humanity, and tech intersect, and learn about how Atlassian products and solutions can help unleash their team's full potential. 

We’re excited to announce Team ’22 will be a unified experience with a live, in-person conference coupled with a robust digital experience. The in-person event will  take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the The Venetian Resort & Sands Expo on April 5-7 and will require a verification of COVID-19 vaccination for all in attendance. The digital experience will take place the same week with streaming and on-demand sessions being available April 6-7. 

We’re looking for ways you build thriving teams through unique practices or Atlassian products. What are some of your approaches to modern ITSM, development, or agile? How do you improve cross functional collaboration, candid transparency, mutual respect, and team inclusion in the era of distributed teams? Learn more about our content themes below.

We encourage individuals of all backgrounds and levels of speaking experience to submit a proposal. If you're selected as a speaker, you will receive a free pass for the event in which your session is accepted and speaker support throughout your presentation development process. The selection process is competitive, but we have tips below to help you submit a winning proposal.

Please note that we do not offer any paid opportunities to speakers, and these sessions are not for service and product pitches. If you're interested in marketing your solutions, please email


See where your talk would fit into one of our four content themes at Team '22.

Please note that Teams & Culture content will primarily be available during our digital experience.  We will have a limited number of sessions focused around Teams & Culture during the live, in-person experience and will expand that theme digitally.

DevOps & Agile

Modernize your software development practices with the power of Atlassian's agile and DevOps products, and ecosystem partners. Learn how development teams, IT teams, and the business can improve collaboration, break down silos, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Work Management

Digital transformation changes the way work gets done and how people work together. New workflows and practices are created, adapted, and evolved by teams to orchestrate the way they deliver value. Atlassian Work Management is a disruptive new subscription that powers teamwork from create to customer so teams can hit their goals faster.


IT is in the midst of rapid transformation, but old ways of working constrain progress. Learn about how Atlassian’s ITSM solution empowers teams from support, operations, development and beyond to deliver great service at scale.

Teams & Culture

Unleashing your team’s full potential requires a combination of the right products, practices, and culture. Learn about effective collaboration with tools like Trello, Confluence, and new product innovations that help keep everyone on the same page. Explore the vital elements that go into building high-performing teams, and how to assess and develop what’s essential for distributed workforces to remain productive, healthy, and resilient.

Session Types

Innovation is core to everything we build, and this experience is no different. We want to encourage you to think about unique ways to deliver your story and message. To help guide you we've included session types that we are interested in programming for Team '22.

NEW! For the in-person experience of Team '22, we want you to rethink how you deliver the content and incorporate an interactive, engaging way to connect your session attendees to the content. 

Product or  solution breakout

Sessions focused on Atlassian products that address key features or solutions. Bonus points for including interactivity into your session! This is be via Q&A, panels and more.


A demonstration of a product or practice. A session that shows the capabilities or a "how-to" of a specific tool or product. 

Teams & culture use cases

Sessions that cover best practices, team plays, and focused primarily around team collaboration, practices and culture.

Expo theater mini-session

For those wanting to submit a talk for the in-person event, and be featured in our Expo Hall theater during a shorter talk no more than 15 minutes. 

Customer use cases

A session that illustrates how a process, product, or system was used to accomplish a goal or solve an issue for a specific Atlassian customer.

Hands-on labs

Guided working sessions that deep dive into product or solution through hands-on engagement which includes workshops within the respective product.

Technical deep dives

Highly technical sessions that go deep into problem-solving or idea creation around a product or practice.

Session Review Process

Speaker details will be anonymous during preliminary selection to ensure we have an objective assessment of each submission.

Atlassian is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive event that showcases the contributions of people from all backgrounds.

Tips for a winning submission

When our committee is evaluating your submission, we only have what you provide as a part of your submission to take into consideration, so make it good! To improve your chances of being selected, be sure to cover the following points.

  • Tell us why your topic is interesting, relevant, and unique.
  • Share what your audience will walk away thinking/knowing/doing, that they didn't know prior to your session. Provide specific key takeaways!

  • Provide detailed context about your subject matter, and your intended audience.

  • Give concrete examples of the specific topics you'll cover - e.g. solutions to problems/issues, successful use cases, demos, best practices, teachings, how-to's, tips and tricks.

  • Keep your abstract as short and concise as possible - use the outline section to tell us more about your session specifics.

Here are some examples of abstracts from a previous Atlassian event.


Team '22 is the ultimate event for modern teamwork. Join us to explore the ways in which teamwork, humanity, and tech intersect, and learn about how Atlassian products and solutions can help unleash their team's full potential. 

This year, we’re bringing innovative digital and in-person experiences for you to connect with attendees and Atlassian customers from across the globe. Hear about our exciting product roadmap, level up your technical skills, and discover new ideas for better ways of working.

We want everyone who attends Team ’22 to feel safe and included. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. During the in person portion of Team ’22, which takes place April 5 - 7, 2022 in Las Vegas, we will be taking all precautions and applying COVID-19 safety measures, including requiring proof of fully vaccinated status for all in person attendees. Any individuals who cannot or choose not to disclose their fully vaccinated status will have the option to attend the Team ’22 digital experience, taking place April 6 - 7, 2022.

Call for speakers for Team '22 ends November 29, 2021 at 07:00 AM PST

Team '22 will be a unified experience and you will have a chance to submit your session in multiple formats from presentations to interviews. Depending on whether your presentation is selected for Team '22 live event or digital program, you may be pre-recording or presenting live during the digital event..
If accepted, you will receive a free pass to attend the event and assigned a track lead from Atlassian to offer guidance on your content. We’ll also be offering virtual workshops and coaching for speakers who are interested.

Yes, all speakers must consent to the speaker agreement included in the  submission form.

If you are submitting on someone else’s behalf, you must obtain permission  from the speaker to consent to the form.

No, we do not accept edits to the speaker agreement and it needs to be  signed as-is.

As listed in section 2 of the agreement, the usage rights are limited to  advertising, promoting or publicizing Team '22. The form does not give  rights for promotion for other purposes.

We also cannot change the location of the governing law in the final section  as we need all of our Presenter Agreements to have the same governing  law and jurisdiction for consistency purposes.

Be sure to review the form with your internal teams for approval before the  submission deadline.

Submissions that are service and product pitches will not be accepted. If  you're interested in marketing your solutions, please email

Absolutely! Every year we receive so many great submissions and we have  a difficult job of only accepting a limited number of sessions. We would love  to be able to utilize the amazing content in our future events, webinars, or  blog posts.

Please be sure to check the box in the submission form letting us know you  are interested in delivering your presentation in another format or use in  Atlassian marketing.

Yes, non-sponsoring partners can submit compelling stories on behalf of their customers.

The customer speaker’s name, company, and contact information must be included in the submission to be considered. Any submissions that do not provide this information may be subject to be automatically declined.

Please reach out to

Important Dates

November 29, 2021
Call for speakers for Team '22 ends at 07:00 AM PST

December 2021 / January 2022
We will start notifying speakers in December 2021 with the status of their submissions.

Reach out to if you have not received notice by the end of January 2022

February 2022
Agenda for Team '22 announced

April 5 - April 7, 2022
Team '22 held digitally and live in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Venetian Resort & Sands Expo