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Innovation is a team sport, and culture can make or break your success. Learn why developer experience matters, how to boost productivity with AI, and which metrics actually make a difference. You’ll also get a first look at new features in Jira Software, Compass, and Jira Align that help you build a world-class engineering organization.

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AI unleashed: how devs can build the future (and present) of teamwork

Colin Jarvis (OpenAI), Stacey Law (Atlassian), John Kinmonth ()

As individuals, teams, and organizations assess how to most effectively implement AI, the leading-edge capabilities continue to evolve at lightspeed. Join us for a conversation about how the latest innovations from OpenAI are influencing how both customers and Atlassian approach their AI technology strategies.

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Welcoming AI to the team: exploring the impact of human-AI collaboration

In light of advancements in artificial intelligence, how we unleash the potential of every team is more important than ever. Join us for an intimate conversation where we explore how AI will impact collaboration, innovation, and privacy for organizations around the world – and what we can all do to prepare to embrace the future of teamwork.

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Watch the latest innovations in developer experience and AI from Atlassian


How Boden uses Compass

Hear from James Crowe, Head of Software Development at Boden, about how they use Compass to help their engineers work smarter and more efficiently.

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After Atlassian Presents: Unleash, join fellow Atlassian product users, agile & DevOps practitioners, and super fans in your area for a user-driven Atlassian Community event — happening January 2024.

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